Travel Insurance

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Traveling is fun, but it is inevitable that something will not be as good as it should be. At this time, proper travel insurance can help you avoid troubles in the event of an accident.

Travel insurance is designed to cover all kinds of accidents and potential dangers on the road. Insurance can start with your travel products and minimize the possible losses on your journey.

Baggage and personal financial security

Reimbursement of lost or damaged luggage and personal belongings during travel.

Medical insurance costs

Compensation for accidental injuries or illnesses, medical expenses, hospitalization expenses, emergency transportation expenses to registered hospitals, and additional accommodation and transportation expenses.

Change itinerary and travel delay protection

Delays due to strikes, industrial operations, inclement weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or mechanical failures; or delays due to closure of airports, terminals or train stations;

When the delay is up to 6 hours and the cancellation/change of the itinerary is forced, the deposit or fee paid and not refundable will be guaranteed;

Or you will be charged for additional accommodation and transportation.

Cancel travel guarantee

If you have to cancel your itinerary due to irresistible causes or accidents, you will be charged for the deposit, airfare or hotel deposit that has not been refunded.

For example, before the departure, the doctor who got the disease proved that he could not travel as planned;

Lost cash/credit card stolen protection

If you lose your credit card with you, and the credit card is unfortunately stolen, it will compensate for the loss of money.

(All losses require proof of relevant loss within 24 hours before a claim can be made)

Save on the excess of the claim

Simply pay for certain amount, you will be exempt from the excess (normally $150 per claim), which must be filled in when you purchase travel insurance. Details please refer to the application form. 

There are more guarantees...

Please refer to the travel insurance booklet for details and consult our travel consultants to choose the travel insurance that is right for you.